Sunday, March 29, 2015


Year B – Palm Sunday 
March 29, 2015

Mark 11:1-10
Isaiah 50: 4-7
Philippians 2:6-11
Mark 14:1-15:47 

Can you even begin to truly imagine the experience of being present on that original Palm Sunday? So many sensory experiences were converging in one place, at one time! So many people traveled and gathered and witnessed the same events, yet came away with very different understandings and perspectives about what they had experienced!

Each reading today contributes some insight into the varied understandings and teachings known to the people gathering in Jerusalem that week, and the gospel readings provide us with a wide range of the voices and perspectives present as that Holy Week began. Still, it’s hard to even begin to fathom what it might have been like to be alive and experiencing it first hand.

How important, then, is the spiritual gift of discernment?

The charism of discernment, in the Uniquely His spiritual gift inventory tool, is defined as “the special grace to intuitively sense or recognize what is of God, or human origin or not of God, which turns out to be accurate.”

Many possess the spiritual gift of discernment and joyously share that gift through ministries and leadership; from spiritual directors to counselors, prison and outreach ministries to healers. People are found whose sharing of the gift of discernment empowers the whole faithful community to embody the loving presence of God in all creation.

Moving through the events of Holy Week, we are called to attune ourselves to this spiritual gift in particular. For it is not only in the time of Jesus we find ourselves surrounded by clamoring voices, noisy crowds, and values competing for our attention.  As we practice, hone and cultivate the spiritual gift of discernment, we come to see more clearly and intuitively that which is of God, which allows us to make more deliberately loving, generous, hope-filled choices in the imitation of Christ.

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