Sunday, February 8, 2015

Living Purposefully

Year B – Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mark 1: 29-39

“For this purpose I have come,” Jesus declares in today’s Gospel reading, as he moved among the people, making them whole through his various ministries.

What clarity!

In whatever he was doing, with whomever he was interacting, Jesus lived purposefully, embodying his vocation.  How often in our own daily lives can we look at our choices, actions, and decisions and authentically realize they directly reflect our own vocation and purpose?

Our charisms serve as tools and graces that empower each of us to carry out our unique mission in the world, so continuing to discern our charisms and cultivate our practices of them in daily life moves each of us closer to becoming the person we were created to be. With the grace of God, we discover opportunities each day to bring our charisms into the world, where they expand and become gifts in ways large and small bring the loving, joyous presence of God into the lives of others.

This week, perhaps each of us can say “YES” to the invitation to live our vocation more purposefully by choosing one of our own spiritual gifts to practice in a new way each day. Imagine the goodness and beauty that might shine from our communities if we were all living our vocational calls in imitation of Jesus!  How will you practice one of your charisms each day this week? 

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